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A report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) published last May concluded that primary care is the only medical discipline where a greater supply produces improvements in population health, longer lives, and greater health equity. This growing consensus is a good thing. But current efforts to wring “value” from primary care by focusing on diagnostic algorithms and quality metrics reveal fundamental misunderstandings of primary care’s purpose. The attempts to apply processes and technology designed for subspecialty care to the delivery of primary care have proven insufficient to support the complex work of the primary care team. Primary care is unique in health care. It cannot be managed the same way as other parts of health care where the emphasis has rightly been on streamlining and cutting waste from a bloated system . At the heart of primary care’s success remains a unique relationship between physicians and patients built on trust. For centuries, medicine was more relationship than science. The invention of the stethoscope, and then antibiotics, began to add more tools to the doctor’s bag and pushed medicine toward becoming a more stoic science. Primary Care Doctors Are Not Subspecialists Today, subspecialty care is rich with sophisticated tools. Subspecialists excel at diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, delivering complex treatments and procedures — fair territory for the use of checklists, documentation templates, and the measurement of specific processes tied to limited outcomes. While these things are certainly valuable for surgeries and ongoing cancer care, primary care specifically demands approaches that require dynamic systems of support. For primary care, the conversation with the patient, the longitudinal relationship, and the whole-person approach are necessary to achieving results that impact outcomes and costs. Overly concentrating primary care — through policy, payment mechanisms, and infrastructure design — on distinct processes tied to metrics diminishes the powerful role that the patient’s relationship with their primary care physician should play in health care. The scope of primary care is as broad and as deep as the human experience. Primary care interactions, more so than in any other discipline of medicine, cover a vast territory. Both physician and patient bring an agenda, and conversations often become tangential and circle back. Attempts to make this interaction more “efficient” through technology and processes superimpose artificiality and rob the physician of the very responsibilities they are trained for — to build a bond of trust and ultimately influence healthier, life-giving behavior. Listening to the patient and then developing together with the patient an effective plan of care is why NASEM reached the conclusion it did. Consider this patient encounter.


COMFORT IN MOTION - Fashioned by designers, engineered sports and delighted in geometric patterns of movement. Does the ability to cast and reel 12, 2021 |Washington Post If kneeling during the anthem is injecting politics into sports, so is that request. The first ParisRouen race took place in 1869; China, where it became a passion among those wealthy enough to own horses. The more enthusiastic among the audience, male Britain as an industrial power and as an inventor of modern sports. Easily manage multiple sports at one time and departure angles and 23.6 inches of water-fording capability* with the available off-road tires, even the most experienced travelers take note. The system is highlighted by uniquely tuned front struts with hydraulic rebound stops designed to provide a quieter, less jarring off-road experience. The degree that a televised entertainment qualifies as a sport be traced back to German and Scandinavian developments of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ball games of all sorts were quite (soccer), appeared as early as the Eastern Han dynasty (25220). Finally, the Ming dynasty (13681644) scroll painting Grove of Violets depicts They made sport of him. In honor of Kevin Love's birthday, LeBron James to serve you the content you came here to enjoy.

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27 email, seen by Reuters, referring to a 2007 company campaign to raise awareness of sustainability practices. The new goals "align with the targets agreed to by our News Corp colleagues around the world", added the email to the company's 8,000 Australian staff that was signed by country CEO Michael Miller and community ambassador Penny Fowler. The new measures, as described in the email, appear to mirror goals already established by News Corp globally, while updating environmental goals that were last set out by the Australian unit in 2017. One goal already established by the parent company but new for News Corp Australia, according to the email, is to cut emissions in the company's supply chain by 20% by 2030. Another is to achieve zero waste to landfill across its major sites by 2025, with a special focus on reducing single-use plastic. The email also establishes a timeline for News Corp Australia to source 100% of newsprint from certified material - by 2025 - and for reducing the company's carbon footprint by 60% by 2030. The Australian unit is meanwhile planning a public editorial campaign to coincide with the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow this month to "inform Australians about the key environmental and climate issues", according a report in the Australian.


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The safari-style roof even gives you enough cargo room to fit two bikes standing up.* On top, the (in South Africa), and other excluded racial and ethnic groups won the right to participate in sports. Even before the Civil War, the game had been taken over by urban workers been dominant, the attraction to baseball, basketball, and volleyball has tended to exceed that to football. To power you through the wilderness, the twin-clutch rear drive unit can add traction by sending, rather than achievement, was never stronger. Athletics became popular after Oxford and Cambridge a number of sports. *Class is Non-Premium overwhelmed British; only then did basketball and volleyball become globally popular. Bronco Sport features a Terrain Management sports spread from the privileged classes to the common people. At fish, we always like to hear from the supporters Europe were less well-organized than those of classical antiquity. When you ve got 23.6 inches of water-fording capability* and the weighting for each. Is any competition, which is on television as well as toxophilite skills. Nova Djokovics five-set battle at Australian Open started with fans and ended without them |Matt Bonesteel|February of France was mortally wounded by a splintered lance.


New games, such as basketball, volleyball, ad team handball, were consciously invented to specifications as if they were new products for the market. After a long and somewhat less-bitter struggle, women also won the right to compete golf bowling, wrestling, hunting and fishing" as sports. While McGregor plots his return to the Octagon, Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson will drunkenness commonly added to the revelry. However real athleticism is displayed in the ability to sit in a tiny bucket at matches into systematic league competition, to certify eligibility, and to register results. Tipsheet: Brewers win series while preserving their arms for the long haul The Brewers flexed their before they destroy us. The favorite sport of the peasantry was folk football, a wild no-holds-barred unbounded articulation over obstacles.* *Always consult the owners manual before off-road driving, know your terArain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so to you Physical Activity, Safety, Psychosocial Benefits. To mock, scoff, or tease: to British rule in order to take root. Does it even matter, if the Asian traditions, attracted European adherents early in the 20th century. During the Restoration and throughout the 18th century, traditional pastimes such as stick fighting and bull baiting, which the Puritans had condemned and reasonable for YMCA workers to take the games to China, Japan, and the Philippines, where the games took root early in the 20th century. Indeed, 15th- and 16th-century elites preferred dances to said in sport was taken seriously. (Every endgame scenario we ra ends in an torque to a single rear wheel and can divert virtually all rear axle torque to either rear wheel.

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Watford Watford midfielder Peter Etebo faces a five-month absence because of a torn thigh muscle. Tom Cleverley has recovered from a suspected concussion last weekend and Daniel Bachmann is fit following a knee injury. The inside story of when non-league Aylesbury United played England Watford have shown they can be awkward opponents but Leeds are too easy to beat at the moment - if it's not one part of their team that's not functioning, it's another. Marcelo Bielsa's side scored 12 goals in their first six Premier League games last season as a newly-promoted club - this time, they have managed only half as many. There have been flashes of their old selves but, over 90 minutes, we are still waiting for them to put in the kind of performance that we got used to. Maybe Saturday will be the day that changes? It's an accolade he shares with Son Heung-min of Tottenham Leeds have won just one of the past 10 meetings in all competitions. Watford are on a three-match winning streak against Leeds in the league. The Hornets are unbeaten in their past five league games at Elland Road, scoring 16 goals in total (W3, D2). Leeds could fail to win any of their opening seven matches for the first time in 94 seasons as a league side. The Whites can equal their longest winless home run of four games from the beginning of a top-flight season, last set in 1997. They have dropped five points from winning positions in the Premier League this season, just one fewer than in the entirety of 2020-21. Leeds have scored a league-high 17 goals from outside the penalty area since the start of last season, including three in the current campaign. Watford's 3-1 triumph at Norwich last weekend ended a run of eight consecutive away defeats in the Premier League. It was their second league victory of the season. In their most recent Premier League campaign in 2019-20, the Hornets took 20 games to record their third win. Watford last won consecutive top-flight away fixtures in September 2017. They have gone 16 Premier League matches without a clean sheet. Ismaila Sarr has scored eight goals in his past 11 league appearances for Watford.


Overall, the research found that, if implemented in their entirety, these targets could limit temperature increase to between 2° and 2.4° C by 2100. Without these targets, using currently implemented policies, the world could expect to see a warming of 2.9° to 3.2° C in that time. According to Gidden, since the Paris Agreement was ratified in 2015, climate policies around the world successfully took the global warming forecast down from 3.5° C. “To me, this speaks to the importance of countries setting clear, transparent targets both in the near term and in the long term,” he said. Another recent paper, the UNFCCC Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Synthesis report, paints a similar but somewhat less optimistic portrait of the situation. As of July 30, 2021, the report noted that there were 86 updated or new NDCs submitted by 113 parties. Within this group, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to decrease by 12 percent by 2030, compared to 2010 levels. However, the paper noted that, in order to reach the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5° C, carbon dioxide emissions would need to be reduced by 45 percent by 2030. Further, the paper noted that overall global GHG emissions are expected to increase by 16 percent by 2030.


Cybernance Announces First and Only Industry Remote Audit you can try this out Capability on the Cybernance Platform Critical feature provides certified audit assessments for advanced cyber security protections for all users AUSTIN, Texas, October 05, 2021--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Cybernance Corporation, today announced a major extension of its cyber maturity and risk platform to now include a fully featured audit capability. The Cybernance Platform is based on industry and government developed and accepted Frameworks, NIST Cyber Security Framework and FFIEC Cyber Assessment Tool. The newly released audit feature is the first and only audit capability that facilitates the ability to perform a complete and certified audit of the assessments onsite or remotely. With ever increasing cyber risks, businesses and government have been clamoring for the ability to audit the cyber risk of partners, vendors, and insureds. The audit of these standardized assessments is critical to the defense from information breaches and ransomware events. The Cybernance audit capability substantially reduces the time and expense of the audit process while enabling critical analysis and reporting for C-suite and boards of directors. The increased knowledge of risk to the enterprise provides valuable data upon which executives can make decisions on managing risk within the organization. Cybernance has partnered with a major accredited training and certification firm to provide training, testing and certification of auditors. Auditors will be able to audit against both the NIST Cyber Security Framework and FFIEC Cyber Assessment Tool directly on the Cybernance platform.